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Communication is an important part of our day to day lives, we communicate with each other for this is one of the basic necessities of human being. In organizations, communication plays an important role whether it is formal or informal. With the evolution of World Wide Web, internet has redefined communication. Emails have now become an integral part of communication process. Usually businesses employ an email client server, which can manage the whole email process.


Due to its collaborative and networking capabilities, Microsoft Exchange is one of the more widely used email clients server. While Exchange is a reliable email client server, there are certain situations wherein it behaves abruptly and gives errors. During these situations, we need a software utility that can restore Exchange 2003, 2007, or earlier versions. Exchange Recovery tool recovers inaccessible and deleted emails from MS Exchange Server database files. The restore Exchange 2003 software efficiently converts .EDB files to working .PST files through which emails of MS Exchange Server can be viewed with Microsoft Outlook email client.

This utility efficiently resolves the Exchange dirty shutdown situation and meets Exchange clean shutdown state. Further, restore Exchange 2003 software has the capability to repair and recover deleted Exchange mailboxes as well as the permanently deleted emails from the mailbox folders. This comes as a relief to organizations that have lost crucial email and communication pattern due to dirty shutdown, database corruption, or even the deadliest .edb file error.

 The software preserves total integrity of data including Unicode characters containing data in distinct languages like Chinese, Japanese, French etc. It also lets you to smoothly refine the essential data using the advanced calendar settings in date-range filter. Additionally, it provides enhanced support to Exchange version 2013 and 2016 for efficiently restoring the user mailboxes upon the damages in EDB files.

The restore Exchange 2003 software offers two different recovery modes, which ensure precise repair of EDB database files. The two recovery modes include:

Automatic Analyze and Recover : This fast and effective mode repairs EDB database and recovers mailboxes. The recovered mailboxes are then converted and saved to Outlook .PST files.

Advance Scan : In case the problem is deep rooted and is not eradicated in the first mode, this mode comes to the rescue. This mode performs a slow but extensive scan of the EDB database, checks the error and repairs it.

After the recovery and repair process, the recover Exchange 2003 enables you to store the retrieved data to a defined hard disk location.

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Following Reasons :

Microsoft Exchange Server saves all the received, sent emails in an EDB database file which gets corrupt due to any of the following reasons :

  • Physical hard drive errors
  • Jet errors
  • File size errors
  • Exchange server failure
  • Improper or Dirty shutdown
  • Virus attacks
  • Human errors.
  • Header information corruption