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How to Resolve Error: “This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items”

Usually, when users try to migrate from one Exchange Server to another, they face various issues. Since, migration is a complex task there could be innumerable errors that might trouble at many instances. Many files could not be migrated or in the worst case scenario may get corrupt leading to sudden data loss. Suppose, you are trying to migrate Exchange Server to its latest MS Exchange 2010 Server edition, and due to power fluctuation, the process could not be completed. There is a huge chance of entire Exchange Database corruption. You will get an error when trying to transition Exchange Server 2007 SP2 to Exchange Server 2010 SP1:

“This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items that were specified for this move request”

On getting this message, entire migration process comes to a halt and the data gets inaccessible. In worst situations, the data may get corrupt or deleted. In order to repair corrupt files, one must follow the steps below:

As we know that the Exchange Administrator has the sole right to define the limit of corrupt items in Exchange mailbox so he can increase this corrupt item’s limit as and when desired. If this does not work, user may try the inbuilt ESEUTIL utility provided by Microsoft. ESEUTIL defrags the Exchange Database and checks for integrity. It repairs the EDB file and can be found at “EXCHSRVRBIN directory.”

For checking integrity of the database, type

ESEUTIL /G C:Program filesexchsrvrmdbdatapriv.edb

To complete the Exchange Server Recovery follow ESEUTIL/P command.

ESEUTIL/Pc: program filesexchsrvrmdbdatapriv.edb/Se:exchsrvrmdbdatapriv.stm/Te:tempdb.edb
This command repairs priv.edb database. If in case, you have no STM file, you can create one with ESEUTIL/CREATESTM. You can view the detailed log file also. Just remember to take complete backup of Exchange Server before running ESEUTIL.
However, both the methods require certain technical skills and precision that is not everyone’s forte. Hence, third party Exchange Recovery Software comes to the rescue! Exchange EDB Repair  Tool is easy to use, impeccable software that not only repairs public, private and STM files but also assures you of the accuracy. The software is available for free trial edition as well that enables users to try the utility before purchasing it.

Blog Summary:

When trying to migrate from one Exchange Server to another, you might face several issues. Under worst-case scenario, you might get error in the middle of conversion and process might stop leading to data corruption. Instead of trying complex inbuilt utilities, try third party Exchange Server Software that repairs entire Exchange Database effortlessly!